"Trifterklause Schwellhäusl" - the destination for the whole family

Welcome to "Trifterklause Schwellhäusl"

"Trifterklause Schwellhäusl" - the destination for the whole family


In our historic inn "Schwellhäusl", a popular destination among Zwieselerwaldhaus ArberLand, Bayerischer Wald, in the middle of National Park Bavarian Forest, you can wonderfully relax from everyday stress.

We pamper our guests with bavarian "Brotzeiten*", spicy lunch, coffee and cakes. (*=little solid bavarian snacks)



Especially cyclists and hiker appreciate the "Trifterklause Schwellhäusl". Enjoy the glance over the great pond while sitting in the sunny beer garden. You can leave your children alone playing on our safe adventure playground.

Our attractions for the entire family:

  • a wonderful hiking destination: "Schwellsteig; Goldsteig; Urwaldwanderweg)
  • a "Golden Past" (Gold fever in the Bavarian Forest)
  • Pond with trouts, adventure playground, a zoo with domestic animals
  • Stone sundial (vertical and horizontal)
  • comfortable beer garden and a rustic restaurant
  • "Bier vom Stoa" - Trifter Dunkel (Beer which is drawn from a stone)


When are you going to come to Schwellhäusl?

Schwellhäus´l - „Trifter Klause“ - Schwellhäusl 310 - D - 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein - Bayerischer Wald - Tel: 0049 - 9925 - 460