"Trifterklause Schwellhäusl" - the destination for the whole family

You can find us:

By car:  
From Lam to Bayerisch Eisenstein, with the hiking track over the Hochberg; From Bodenmais over Regenhütte or Zwiesel - Ludwigsthal to the car park under the train bridge or Zwieselerwaldhaus P2 Brechhäuslau, then to the "Schwellsteig"; From the Czech Republic over Zelezna Ruda, with the hiking track over Deffernik-Ferdinandsthal

Bequem ins Schwellhäusl mit dem Falkenstein BusBy the "Falkenstein"-Bus:
directly to the "Schwellhäusl" Timetable here...

With the train:

With Zwiesel to Ludwigsthal or Bayerisch Eisenstein, after that you can choose the hiking track, each is 1,25 h

With Zelezna Ruda (Czech Republic), Bayerisch Eisenstein or Ludwigstahl

Timetable of the train here...

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We hope that you enjoy your stay!

Schwellhäus´l - „Trifter Klause“ - Schwellhäusl 310 - D - 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein - Bayerischer Wald - Tel: 0049 - 9925 - 460