Nature, to let nature - National Park Bavarian Forest

Trifterklause Schwellhäusl in National Park Bavarian Forest


The "Schwellhäusl" lies at the foot of the "Großen Falkenstein" (1312 m) in the middle of the National Park Bavarian Forest.

Here, the slogan is: "Nature, to let nature" - you can watch this very good from the near Hans-Watzlik-Hain.

Here is a jungle with a huge, with over 50 m high giant trees (fir trees, beech trees, sycamore maple trees)


A lot of National Park hiking tracks crosses and from the "Schwellhäusl" you can continue your hiking tour, cycling tour or walk in every direction to the untouched nature. In only 1 1/4 hour walk from the house you are in the wilderness Ludwigsthal and you can continue your tour of the Hans-Watzlik grove on the high mountain to the Bavarian Eisenstein and take the train every hour back. This tour is suitable for cyclists and very popular for families with children.


Discover pure nature in the National Park Bavarian Forest

Schwellhäus´l - „Trifter Klause“ - Schwellhäusl 310 - D - 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein - Bayerischer Wald - Tel: 0049 - 9925 - 460