Hiking and nature trail around the "Schwellhäusl"

Hiking around the "Schwellhäusl" - Jungle hiking


You can reach the "Schwellhäusl" of many walking paths, from short easy walks on "Schwellsteig" along or over several hours hike from the surrounding villages. Some trails are also suitable for stroller

No matter which tour you choose, you will experience in each case, the wild, original nature of the National Park Bavarian Forest.

Enjoy the rest and breathe deeply the clear, healthy air.


Our hiking proposals:

  • Bayerisch Eisenstein - Urwald Hans-Watzlik- Hain - Schwellhäusl -Bayerisch Eisenstein, approx. 10 km;
  • Zwieselerwaldhaus - Urwald Hans-Watzlik- Hain - Schwellhäusl, approx. 5 km or from car park "Brechhäuslau" approx. 3 km
  • car park Brechhäuslau Schwellsteig, approx.2 km
  • car park Eisenbahnbrücke crossing. Zwieselerwaldhaus - beside the "Schmalzbach", suitable for stroller; approx. 3km
  • Regenhütte - Flußwanderweg - Seebachschleife - Schwellhäusl - Schmalzbach- Flußwanderweg - Regenhütte, approx. 15 km
  • train station Ludwigsthal (Haus zur Wildnis) - Schwellhäusl, aprox. 5 km
  • Zelezna Ruda - Deffernik - Ferdinandsthal - Schwellhäusl, approx. 8 km

Flyer hiking area Bayerisch Eisenstein
- published from the Administration of the National Park, with tracks around the "Schwellhäusl", as PDF to download here...

A side trip to "Schwellhäusl" is always worth seeing, there are also "Fernwanderwege" (Long-distance hiking tracks):
  • European long-distance hiking track (E6) from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea
  • High-quality hiking track "Goldsteig" from Marktredwitz to Passau
  • Gläserner Steig, 99 km on the glass makers from Hohenbogen to Grafenau
  • Böhmweg from Deggendorf to Bayerisch Eisenstein


A day in the wild original nature and afterwards to "Schwellhäusl" !


Schwellhäus´l - „Trifter Klause“ - Schwellhäusl 310 - D - 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein - Bayerischer Wald - Tel: 0049 - 9925 - 460