How it used to be - the history about "Schwellhäusl"

How it used to be - the history about "Schwellhäusl"

The "Schmalzbach-Schwelle"


The Royal Fort administration in 1798, found a solution to the transportation problem from "the inside of the woods" for the extremely valuable raw material wood could be here a water dam built in wood. So the first "Trift-Schwelle", the so- called "Schmalzbach-Schwelle" , named after the creek. More similar storage devices followed in the area of the later rain drift complex example Höllbach the "Höllbach-Schwelle" or the "Schleicher-Schwelle".

With the accumulated mass of water, it was possible to transport the wood in streams straightened to near River "Regen" and from there far into the country quickly and inexpensively.


Construction of the threshold - Replacement of timber construction by an earth dam with locking device "Klause"


Construction of a reconciliation channel of the Great Deffernik for "Schmalzbach-Schwelle" for better and faster filling of the threshold pond with plenty of water. Today, along the canal leads the last section of the "Schwellsteig", which is now a hiking track.


The "Trifter-Klause Schwellhäusl"


For the lumberjacks a first primitive lodging facility was created in 1828, as there were at least 3 workers necessary to pull the Klausen gate

Later on

For residential purposes expansion of cottage accommodation and later hosting. In the following decades, on-going improvements to extensions.


Violent storms caused extensive damage to forests. To work up the vast masses of wood, forest workers are recruited from the Alpine countries. At that time, hundreds of "guest workers" worked in the vast forests. The cottage at Schwellhäusl was an important base for the hewer.

The hosts

Ludwig Lettenmaier, born on 29 January 1842, in Ried in Tirol, son of Johann Paul Lettenmaier, Müller on the Muhre in Ried in Tirol, was chosen as administrator for the "Trift" cottage. The Lettenmaier family is now based in Schwellhäusl for more than 125 years. The hosts are since 1980 the owner of the "Trifter-Klause".

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